Triphilla Juice


1. Gastrointestinal mobility
2.Antioxidant properties
3.Immunomodulatory properties
5.Dosha balance
6.Emotional barometer
7.Healthy eyes
8. Antibacterial effects
9.Promoting hair growth
10. A remedy for constipation
11.Cardica health
12.Beneficial in cancer treatment
13.Strengthening the liver
14. Reproduction
15.Beneficial for bones & joints
16.Reducing inflammation
17.Improving blood circulation

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Each 10ml Contains:
INGREDIENTS: Harad Baheda Amla Ras, Kala Namak & Aloevera
Preservative Sodium Benzoate MPS PPS. No Added Flavour,
No Added Color, Pure & Natural
How to use :
Mix 30ml of Triphala Juice in
glass of water and consume
empty stomach in use morning.
Dietary supplements not for medicinal use.
Juice contains suspended nutritious fiber
settles at bottom. For best result
Use regularly for better result,
Suitable for all ages.


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