Combo Pack Contains

  1. SX 4 Syrup 200 ML.
  2. Shila Plus Capsules — 30 Caps
  3. Musli Plus Ras — 500 ML.


  1. Neem Aloe Vera Face Wash 100 ML
  2. Neem Aloe Vera Soap  100 Gm.


Ayurveda, the ancient wisdom of healing and living, is a treasure trove of rejuvenating herbs and rasayanas that take care of your sexual wellness and overall well-being. It has powerful herbs like Shilajeet, Ashwagandha, Musli, Gokshura, Shatavari and Kaunch Bij that provides strength, stamina, vigour and vitality to the body. Therefore, to offer you the goodness of Ayurveda for sexual well-being, Nature offers Sexual Wellness Combo that includes products like Shila Plus Capsules, SX 4 Syrup, Musli Plus Ras, Shila Plus Capsules are made using the best-quality exudates from high mountain rocks and are beneficial for men.


General wellness and health of men like, fatigue, general debility, weakness, poor physical stamina, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction,  weak immunity, stress and anxiety and brain power.


Nature Sexual Wellness Combo consists of products formulated using Ayurvedic herbs like Shilajeet, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Gokshura, Shatavari and Akarkara, dal Chini, Imli Bij, Kaunch Bij, Shankhpushpi, Safed Mishri etc. These powerful herbs are well-known in Ayurveda for their medicinal properties. Procured from the Himalayas, Shilajeet is considered an excellent source of 85 minerals in ionic form. It has been shown to increase the efficiency of the reproductive system and soothes the mental faculties in men and women. Ashwagandha is referred to as balya in Ayurveda, which means giving strength. It is known to improve energy, increase stamina and endurance. Safed Musli can help revive energy, boost endurance and also strengthen the immunity system.


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