Kiwi Giloy Papaya Juice


Ingredients :

Giloy, Aswagandha & Satawar, Papaya Leaf, Preservative Color & Flavour Added.

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*Helps boost immunity
*Treats Chronic Fever
*Improves Digestion
* Treats Diabetes
*Reduces Stress and Anxiety
*Fights Respiratory Problems
*Treats Arthritis
*Reduces Asthmatic Symptoms
*Fights Against Free Radicals
*Collagen Production
*Pre-Biotic Properties that nourishes the body and promotes easy digestion
*Weight Management, best for people who are on a weight-loss regiment
* Prevents Asthma
* Pre-Natal Nutrition, makes the baby healthy and well-nourished.
* Regulates Diabetes
* Reduce Eye Disorders
* Anti-Oxidants, that help of our body cell re-building.
* Fiber Boost, This helps in cleaning our system by promoting digestion
* Reduce Signs of Aging.

Serving Suggestion :

Always dilute before swallowing.
2 tablespoons with 1 glass of warm water.


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