Giloy Tulsi Ras


Weight Management, best for people
who are on a weight-loss regiment
Prevents Asthma
Pre-Natal Nutrition makes the baby
healthy and well-nourished.
Regulates Diabetes
Reduce Eye Disorders
Anti-Oxidants, that help of our body
cell re-building
Fiber Boost, This helps in cleaning
our system by promoting digesting
Reduce Signs of Aging,
Help boost immunity
Treats Chronic Fever
Improves Digestion
Treats Diabetes
Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Fights Respiratory Problems
Treats Arthritis
Reduces Asthmatic Symptoms
Fights Against Free Radicals
Collagen Production
Pre-Biotic Properties that nourishes
body and promotes easy digestion

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Ingredients: Tulsi Gilloy.
Aswagandha &Satawar,
Preservative Color & Flavour Added.

Always dilute before swallowing.
2 table spoons with 1 glass of warm water.


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